When was the last time you saw someone so impossibly good looking that your brain fragmented into a million bits thinking about how incredibly attractive the person was you were just looking at?



bout half hour ago, for me


Brushing my teeth this morning


jesus silks, don’t post with a boner


don’t go for the sly likes, dave

just observing life, ya daft brush


few days ago
generally i steer well clear of these types of people


Saturday night I’d say.


Obviously all the lads on here fancy my girlfriend so I don’t need to answer this one. You did make me remember about the time i was at a Tapas restaurant in Sheffield and almost couldn’t believe how good-looking the waitress was, though. Might have been a bit stare-y, not sure.


When I woke up this morning and rolled over ~swoon~ :heart:


Half past


in my local wee place a few months ago, she was fucking dynamite


how come, shrewbs? some incredibly good looking people can be fucking hard work, so I’m going with that until I hear otherwise


Maybe never.


girl who gets the bus on friday mornings


Weird you ask this.

I was waiting at a crossing about 2 weeks ago and could see every man (and most women) staring behind me for an unusual length of time. About 10 seconds later a girl stood next to me who was fairly normal looking, with fairly normal clothes but was just offensively attractive. I walked all the way down the 1.5 mile road near her (*not stalking), and genuinely every male triple checked her out and I’ve never seen that before. Derbys a fairly temperate city. A guy walked past her shook his head and mouthed to me ‘Fuckin’ ell’. It was absolutely y ridiculous.

Saw her again this morning and barely registered her. Crazy, huh?


guy who came into the shop I work at the other day

been working there 2 months and he’s the first babe I’ve seen.


January 8th


pointless celebrities came on the other night and i have to say that cathy newman looked amazing


Not recently, but I imagine it happens a lot more to guys than girls. A few years back when I was living in a shared house, we had a hotty who lived across the street. My housemate virtually stalked him but I wasn’t that bothered. Then one day he turned up at our door asking to borrow out lawnmower. I pretty much lost all ability to speak cohesively, and in the time it took to walk him through the house and out to the shed managed to trip over twice, spent ages trying to put the shed key in the back door, and called the lawnmower ‘a Hoover’ about 3 times. He later turned out to be a complete twat so…


At least he did want a lawnmower. “Are you sure this is a Hoover?” “…yelp…”


Somebody who works here is so attrative I can’t look directly at her. It’s like staring into the sun.

She doesn’t work in this building any more and it’s a massive relief, tbh.