When was the last time you saw your Grandparents?


I’m planning on seeing mine this w/end.
Looking for advice on which mountains I should scale.

Ever climbed a mountain?


Dunno. They’re all dead.


they’re dead mate. thanks for reminding me


couple of weeks ago. seeing my other nan tomorrow. i’m such a great grandson. Call 'em every week :ok_hand:


Shortly before the coffin lid was closed


Long long dead


All dead


+1 for all dead.


2007, When the last one died.


my condolences to everyone in this thread.


Did they all get in the same one? Convenient.

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  • They’re dead - thanks for that Squalor

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Itchy and scratchy land


One died, and we decided we weren’t doing four funerals.


did we ever decide on a dailt thread limit?




Firm, but fair.


One per dead grandparent seems fair.


December 27th, My Mum’s Mum and Dad
My Dad’s Mum and Dad are both dead (2007 and 2008 respectively)

Saw my grandparents-in-law(ish) on Saturday just gone.

I have climbed Snowdon.


Still have one left alive, and she lives pretty close to me, but we’ve never been close so I mostly just see her when other members of my family are seeing her anyway.

The ones I was close to are dead, THANKS MATE etc