When was the last time you saw

somebody wearing a Burberry cap?

Thought I saw a man wearing one at the bus station earlier but it turned out it was kind of a paisley affair

Also haven’t seen one of those striking firefighter caps with flames on for a good while

Not very recently - still about 12 years out of date though - but I saw someone wearing a Von Dutch hat a couple of years back.


Had totally forgotten about them! Correct hat era. Contemparies of the Burberry hat from what I remember

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Were you at the @xylo meet?


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I saw someone in a Burberry scarf yesterday. I think that Burberry has somehow managed to claw its reputation back and is popular with rich people again

When was the last time you saw someone wearing a Schott neoprene jacket?

I don’t think Burberry actually ever made those caps back in the 90s/00s. They really started clamping down on anyone ripping off their check pattern and actually have an office hotline to report any illegitimate use of it no matter how minor (including things like a cafe using a fake Burberry table cloth). It’s funny though, because it seems to have gone full circle and they have started making all over print footie hooligan looking stuff in the last few seasons.

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I used to live near a pub that was renovated and they installed Burberry curtains throughout

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Which I’m sure were fake should I add

@CHAIRMAN_LMAO may have a phone number for you to call…


I don’t think it ever really lost that reputation.

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Yeah, it was when I was working in Clerkenwell about 12 years ago that I remember seeing Von Dutch knock offs in the market on Leather Lane. When you see fakes appearing that’s when its time is over.

Eh, I dunno. I think most high-end brands will see people making knockoffs. People make fake Rolex watches, Mercedes cars, Nike trainers - don’t think it damages their image too much. Not saying Von Dutch was ever a high-end brand…

It definitely got popular again. Well, ‘desirable’ anyway (vom). They got a new guy in who really turned things around.

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I think genuine Burberry has always been classy for the wealthy upper-middle class.

As discussed briefly in the things you were slow to realise thread, Canada Goose jackets are the current thing rich people like that are now being ripped off all over the place.

When was the last time you saw a Burberry cap wearing somebody?

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Not really, it had a huge dip when it because associated with ‘non-U’ people.

You’d hope that the kind of language used in these reports is a thing of the past, but…


Jimothy Lacoste is the one to bring it back.