When was the last time you showed incredible restraint

I made a pizza for my lunch. I’ve only just eaten it now…and I know I’ll be having tea at about 7, so I’ve left half of it despite it being :ok_hand: and still being slightly hungry. Feel accomplished.

I don’t have much willpower. Or hardship in my lfe

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I nearly came down on Smee like a tonne of bricks for the way he treats his Mother but I chose a restrained softly softly approach instead and we both emerged as better people as a result.

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buying a Nintendo Switch as soon as I got my last pay-check from the job I left


I’ve had barely any work this week because customers haven’t got their shit together yet. But I’ve resisted the temptation to spend my time looking at records to buy on eBay.

I think you are showing incredible restraint with the unusually persistent record player repair man

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Getting an email about starting a new job two days into another new job and not jumping off the bus I was on, flipping everyone off and cartwheeling down the road. I then followed that up by not doing that every day for six weeks until I started the new, much better job. I am a saint.


Since August … until the week after next when I won’t shut up about it

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