When was the last time you slept in a bed with a non family member (platonically)

Summer of 2004 for me.

Either the summer of 2003 or 2004, I’m not sure which holiday it was.

Was it with me?

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I can’t rule that out.

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been really thinking about this and i can’t remember


a couple of years ago crashed at a mates after warehouse project and shared a double bed with him

Stag do in Spain this summer.

stayed over with Matt (Matthew) in December 2016

Weekend before last

Mine was also with Matt (Matthew).

Last month, on a stag do, in Bruges.

A stag do a couple of years ago, probably.

Do bunk beds count or not?

Only if you were sharing either top or bottom bunk.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Not sure I’ve ever done this in that case.

i reckon that’s probably @Epimer 's name but still don’t think it was him


around two years ago

hmmm - struggling to think of one

It must have been when I went to NY with 2 ATDs for a long weekend - think I shared the double bed in the room with one of the ATDs while the other was on a camp bed or something (was a very budget room). This was over 10 years ago

I was quite hoping for a bit of top and tailing with @Aggpass the other week but @plasticniki put me on a blow up mattress in the living room

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Whatever year it was that Portsmouth won the FA Cup. 2007? 2008? Something like that. Was on a stag do.