When was the last time you snogged a stranger?


Definition of stranger - you can know their name, but much more really
Definition of snog - quite messy, uncontrolled, so much so that people around might say ‘get a room’


University, maybe a month or two before meeting my current partner


A stranger is just a friend who haven’t snogged yet


How long ago was that?


I would guess the snog was in October 2012, maybe November


Very autumnal, thank you


A long time. I am available for snogging now though. Well not right now I’m in work but you know.




they’re planning to kiss soon, don’t worry.

EDIT: definitions at the top mean this DOESN’T WORK!


Stretching my memory remembering the last time I snogged anyone let alone a stranger!




get a room, crockers!


brb, eating a whole raw potato


how does one ‘mist’ water? sounds quite nice.


Double-holy :raised_hands:


Bedroom thoughts! :smiley:

I’m not sure the wardrobe works in that corner…


guys that’s def Onion or similar


2011 was a good year for satire.


ahhhh beat you


Aha! This is old and not real!