When was the last time you snogged a stranger?


Pulp lyrics nee-


A week last Friday

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Sunday evening.


2016 I think.

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Probably the first time I saw The Dresden Dolls. Liverpool, 2003ish. Or 2004. He snogged me.

It certainly was! Some great songs on their second album too. Always loved Dirty Business.

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Ummm like, 13 years ago? I kept on seeing him at this club me and my friends went to most nights and I fancied him. I knew his name, he did the same course as me but was a year above. I was very drunk, I have no idea how we got from inside the club to kissing round a corner outside it. Anyway, it was fun. Thanks Scott. Xx


Newcastle stag do, had no recollection of it the next day though.

think it’s when you try to take a drink but pour it down yourself by accident



2010 for me, maybe 2009

February I think

couple of years ago

Total stranger? I think it was November 2007…

Guess that suggests my total stranger snogging days may be well and truly over :no_mouth:

I have never done this.

Wait, does a stripper in Romania count? Probably does yeah?

Last year. But never before or since.

Who is Newcastle marrying?

Oh Mistersteve :frowning:

I know.