When was the last time you snogged a stranger?

  1. Strangers don’t usually want to snog me, only people who fancy me are ones I’ve charmed with my excellent personality over several months.
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I love how the auto-formatting has made that seem like an item on a veeery long list.

Also, another one for davidoff cool never snogged a stranger.


Eventually, a potato isn’t going to do it anymore though. They’re just not strong enough. He’ll have to move on to raw turnip, then onions, then those ghost chili things.

Never, not even a stripper in Romania.

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I’d say about 90% of my snogging career was ‘strangers’ in clubs and parties. Been a while though.

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Brighton festival Spiegel tent, last year. This Irish girl basically grabbed me and snogged my face off. It was like going back in time 20 years.


If you count ‘met them that day, but it was through online dating and we’d been chatting a while’ then 2004.
If you don’t then 2000 or 2001.
Thinly-veiled, etc.