when was the last time you swore outloud?

context, time and swears used please

  • just sneezed so hard that my glasses flew off my face and pressed enter on my keyboard completing a excel row and obtaining a cell error dialogue box
  • said “jesus fuck, christ”

About ten minutes ago. Was irked by a lawyer. Said “fucking TWAT”. Doubt they heard me all the way down in London.

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Just said it was “Fucking freezing out of the sun” in reference to how much warmer it is now compared to this morning. The swearing is the only part of the exchange that was interesting.

Just said ‘shit’ so I could participate in this thread


I remember saying Fuck very recently but cant remember why

I swear so often I genuinely couldn’t fucking tell you


fucking too right

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About 10 minutes ago, something on our back end system we use for work not working when I really need it to. Said a loud “For fucks sake” at my screen. This happens multiple times a day

Me too. I’m now sat here feeling like some sort of dismayed potty-mouth at the fact that people swear so little they can remember individual occasions.


Have to really reign the swearing in due to the kids being around all the time. Have taken to using “for God’s sake” a lot which the 6 year old always pulls me up on as being “really rude”. If only he knew the barrage of expletives that is a placeholder for…
Wife surreptitiously flips me the bird a lot as a workaround to this.


Misread this at first

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Last time I remember swearing out loud was a couple of days ago when I was pouring some boiling water from a saucepan into the sink and some of it got on my thighs. I shouted FUCK! to myself (yes, I swear in two languages and never know which one it’s gonna be in cases like this, it’s great). I’m pretty sure I’ve sworn out loud since then too, but no definitive examples.


at something to do with the coffee making process about 30 mins ago, probably a mumbled “shit”

Just now, “fuck sake”, trying to get through the dreadful telephone menu system at my mortgage provider.

There was a “for fucks sake” about 2 hours ago, when I finally successfully logged into work VPN on the 3rd attempt having done it exactly the same for the past year with no problems.

think i told my t-shirt to fuck off before when some of my lunch landed on it. when do i have to stop swearing so the babby doesn’t start swearing? think i’m going to struggle. my pal told her son that he needs a swearing licence

think my dad tried to do something like this, but he always just ended up shouting “Jesus FUCKING Christ”, which sort of undermined his efforts


Just called the pallet truck a ‘useless cunt’.


I just said “Oh for fuck’s sake” because my fiancée’s friend has broken down and we need to go jump start her car.

Yes, I feel bad about my outburst, but I’ve been looking forward to getting home since before I left this morning. Still, what a prick I am.

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I think you need to swear constantly so babby doesn’t think it’s unusual and cool

well, from when babby is 6 years old and starts to think you’re both sort of losers + doesn’t want to copy what you do

then school will be like “yr babby never swears, well done or something”