when was the last time you swore outloud?

ooh that’s smart. also not a problem with mine and gf’s potty mouths

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Gave it a “fuck’s sake” at the telly after Palace scored against Leicester. Not a Leicester fan, just got them in a super £1 accumulator of dreams.

Swore a lot the last few days…Weather improved so the hunting dogs have really pissed me off big time every vehicle that passed by they rage and if they see a walker full mode attack sounds…me banging on the window whilst eating my dinner this evening sent me in final countdown… a rage of fucks and Husband said ignore at the wrong moment and so he was raged at as well…and you can fucking shut up and all your all fucking upsetting my dinner an all…Yes got my late Dad’s temper, but he never swore in front of me…bless him

All I do is swear. Wouldn’t even want to have a counter on it on a daily basis. Would be ashamed.

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I just said fuck when I died on Skyrim then decided it’s time to get ready for bed

What’s a swear

I grew up in a Navy town and my first boyfriend was a biker. I swear constantly and have always struggled not to do so in business environments.
Our head agency sends out missives about being professional and not swearing around coworkers, etc. and our Director actually said, “well, fuck that!” because we are the hooligan cool kids program and fuck you, you aren’t our real mom!


heard about you and your honeyed words…

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Yelled “Oh, for FUCK’S sake!” after borrowing money from someone and because it was a Bank Holiday Monday I thought was Sunday, I made a mistake on my bank app that paid it back to them instantly.

The puppy nipped me on the nail bed and I shouted ‘fuck’ and my son was like ‘why did you say fark? Did you mean ‘fart’?’


Had to curb it so much with the kid around.

Although we watched Bumblebee the other week and there’s a bit where John Cena says “Oh shit!” before being clonked and she found this hilarious and then proceeded to keep impersonating him (flinging herself off to the side after) for the next few days.

She’s started noticing it in music too. “I told you everything” by Sharon Van Etten has ‘holy shit’ in the opening and that got remarked upon (we play that album a lot and have done for the last two years).

Last week I was outmanoeuvred at work by a shadowy cabal of corrupt officials, just as I was as close as I’d ever been to blowing the whole damn thing wide open. I’m ashamed to say it but I let out a frustrated “Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey” at my desk.


We had a silly swear-box thing in our shared flat back in my uni days. I boasted that I could manage to not contribute once. Then I just sort of stubbornly continued, just to see how long I could go.

I literally haven’t sworn since January 2008. :see_no_evil:


fuck off

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:wink: :smiley:

The last time I swore was because one of my ‘good pals’ wouldn’t drive me to the ceilidh that the girl I really fancied was going to.


The toughest test of my resolve in the last decade was wee skater boy Rangus seeing Rage Against The Machine at T in the Park and not being able to sing along to Killing in the Name. :see_no_evil::joy:


About four minutes into the King’s Lynn match: “oh fuck off, Clunan”