When was the last time you thought that was a mountain?

Sometimes you’re going somewhere and you think you see a mountain in the distance but its actually a big hill or it is something else. When was the last time this happened?


I don’t even want to think about it, I am always so embarrassed when this happens


I went to the Brecon Beacons about ten years ago and probably saw mountains and hills. If I’ve had to recall that experience now, does that meant that the last time I thought about whether something was a hill or a mountain was in the last five minutes, does that count, even though the experience of seeing them was ages ago?

I thought about it on my holiday to Wales in August

“Is that a mountain or a hill” I thought, because they had both there

Sometimes I thought

“Is that part of the mountain or a separate hill in its own right?”

this morning when I went up a hill and came back down the same hill and it wasn’t a mountain even though its the actual hill that people went up in that shit film and came down a mountain with Hugh whatshisface init. True story.