When was the last time you tittered or chortled?






I titter quite a lot. I tittered at the thread title in fact.


Last night when I watched this.


I do both often, I chortled this morning when the first thing I saw when I opened my phone was a bad tattoo of mr burns ducking off mr Smithers. That’s right, those pesky ducks are at it again. I’ve also tittered a few times since then too, one time at the above video.


Remember in the Beano when Walter the softy used to titter every time he spoke.


Haven’t tittered for a while I don’t think, pretty sure I chortled during an episode of Masterchef USA last night though.


I do not but i will take your word for it


Probably like ten minutes ago, I’m a giggle machine.


i’ll usually guffaw more than i’ll titter


Is a tee-hee the same as a titter?


I’ll change my previous answer to…

a couple of moments ago.

Booking train tickets through work for Friday when I have a meeting at Crewe Station from Milton Keynes and was offered the chance to buy a ‘West Coast Corporate Return’ for…

bearing in mind the journey takes 66 minutes…


My boss made me get two singles instead.


When I walked past the office safe and read “Chubb” on it. About 15 minutes ago.


A few minutes ago at this


This is the original “Dog logic” cartoon for reference


Last night, after a friend emailed me a link to a YouTube video where a fake nuclear attack warning was being ‘broadcast’ on their TV as a prank.