When was the last time you told someone to fuck off?

I’m not afraid of telling people to fuck off when they anger me and do it quite regularly. Last time was last week when some youths were in a underpass next to Tesco and were swinging shopping trolleys round at chest height, then letting them smash off the walls. Lots of cyclists, pedestrians, people with prams trying to get through. Game them a proper mouthful and as I walked off the ringleader was all ‘she was totally shitting it’ so I went back and tore another strip off them. Going to get stabbed soon.


Was Titus bramble there?


You just gunna take that @japes



I was referencing the good ship thread but tbh it was incredibly tenuous

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Shouted “FUCK OFF CUNT” to a tesco lorry driver who was beeping at me for cycling on the road instead of the cycle lane on the pavement.


I’ve had multiple strong urges recently to tell people to fuck off but I hate confrontation because I am terrible at it. Instead I just silently seethe. It’s probably rotting my insides :angry:


Honourable mention to Mrs CCB in this respect.

About eight years ago we were in Cambridge on the same day that the Strawberry Fair was held - a day when all the unicyclists come out to play. We’d been shopping and had our eldest in tow, a few months old and asleep in a buggy.

On the way back to the station, there were a group of wacky types approaching people with a fake microphone (a clenched fist) and asking them cRaZy rAnDoM questions. Anyway, they thrust the ‘microphone’ in Mrs CCB’s face and asked her a question.

In her politest RP accent, she told them to fuck off. I think that’s the only time I’ve ever heard her do so.

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A lot of cyclists are pricks. But, on the other hand… I recently stopped at a red traffic light, behind the white line. A twat crossing the road aggressively shouted at me, “Stop at the red light!” This is precisely what I had done. I’d done nothing wrong. He was just an anti-cyclist bigot. So I told him: “What does it look like I’ve just done, dickhead? Fuck off.” He fucked off, mumbling angrily to himself.


that’s all very weird

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My most recent fuck off was last Friday on Stroud Green Road N4. A beggar asked me for some money. I had no cash on me at all. Which I think is pretty common these days, with contactless cards. So he said, “Then go to the cash machine and get a tenner out for me.” A tenner? A fucking tenner. If I do that you’ll have more money than me! Fuck off.

I can’t remember. I’m too much of a shrinking violet to ever really do it.

I’m also normally baffled by people’s shitty behaviour and only start to get respond properly (i.e. pissed off) once they’ve already walked off.

I rarely tell people to fuck off seriously or audibly. If I’m angry I’ll give someone the finger, and if I’m angry and also scared of being punched then I find a mumbled “cunt” usually has enough deniability.


Next time someone tells me that all cyclists are RLJs, I can’t wait to say “and all you drivers are responsible for the death of our beloved Lady Diana :confounded:


Haha, I do this with “Fucks sake”

actually lolled out loud at that

Haha!! Thank you but no no, I’d instantly feel awful and spend the rest of my life apologising.

I need to get better at confrontation but I just can’t be arsed with it. I wish people would just stop being stupid and realise that I’m basically right about everything and shut up.

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During football on sunday. On quite a few occasions to their lino who ruled out not 1 not 2 but 3 of our goals for offside. Literally no point playing when it’s like that

This morning. Someone pushed me on the tube. Like properly shoved me in the back. So I turned round and actually shouted “I WAS TRYING [to move] SO YOU CAN FUCK OFF” at him. Was pretty satisfying and would do it again.

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Two months back into commuting on the Overground/Tube and I still don’t think I’ve quite managed to get used to how much wankery people are prepared to display.

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