When was the last time you took a waz in the street?



couple of weeks ago, for me.waiting for my man to get a kebab. went round the corner. slashed on a tree


got any piss related anecdotes? I was doing the census a few years back, was miles from home and needed a piss. I went to go in a bush and a lady shouted out ‘you disgusting bastard’

turned round (mid piss) and explained that I was doing the census and was miles from home and as such, didn’t have an alternative. she was ok with this explanation


did you spit at the same time? this isn’t jazz life at all


Not since using a pissoir in Amsterdam in August 2013 mate


dude. we get it! well done etc


Darren needs to have a strong word with you before you’re shitting on a bollard


i dont think you get it man


Think it’s been years.

There’s a place in London that I don’t go to nerdy card game tournaments at any more because there’s only one toilet for 60+ people and events that big take all day.

It pretty rapidly turns into a street pissing side event. Grim.




Was in a club with my mate (pissed) and suddenly my mate just booted the fire doors open (no alarms went off) and he went to the wall and started pissing…bouncer came running out shouting What are you doing!

My mate shouted


(you had to be there really)


Went to lunch at a pub and arrived at 11.50 and it didn’t open until 12.00. Was busting so went to the petrol station but that didn’t have a shitter. So I pissed betwixt the pub and the petrol station. About four weeks back.


What a film


Totally peeled off a chocolate twix in the street didn’t you


This story is not true.


Been in the woods and that when I’ve been caught short on runs or bike rides. Haven’t pissed in the street in years because no self-respecting adult would


About three years ago, I think - got caught short on the way back to Cambridge Station after some post-work drinking. Went for a wee in a deserted corner of the station car park.

It’s not something I’m particularly proud of.


about a year ago. wasn’t a street, was a beach.


In my sleepy hometown where nobody is awake after 11 and there’s no cctv about 2 weeks ago
Free reign


About a year ago in Switzerland. Halfway through my wazz, a torch was shined on me and I noticed two policemen watching. After I’d zipped up they tried to issue me a fine. I protested saying that I didn’t know it was against the law, to which they responded by asking me if I’d just piss up against a house in London. I explained that, yes, I would, and they gave me a slightly baffled look and let me go.


I’m afraid it is. It’s not that shocking is it? on second look there was a house between the pub and the petrol station. I have marked where I pissed. There were leaves on the trees when I went.


something really creepy about this