When was the last time you touched a horse? When was the last time you sat on a horse?

I can’t remember… the last time I sat on one was when I was 13.

Have never sat on one, patted a police horse on it’s nose at the FA Cup semi final the Saturday before last.

My mate Stuart’s mum always used to take polos for the police horses outside Stamford Bridge.

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Haven’t sat on one since 2011.

Might even be the last time I touched one too, don’t trust them since one bit my finger half off when I was feeding it grass as a youngun. Admittedly the fault lay entirely with me (“PALM OF THE HAND ma0sm, PALM OF THE HAND”) but that doesn’t stop me from finding them suspicious.

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That’s very kindly of her.

Got a proper fear of horses. Always get the sense they would kill you in a heartbeat.

The one and only time I’ve been on one was at my previous company’s 2011 summer event where we went to learn to play polo (which is bad enough in the first place). There’s me, first time I’ve ever been on a horse and it’s some massive ‘ex professional’ polo horse and I’m given a mallet and told to try and hit a ball while controlling this massive fucker who knows damn well how scared I am of it.

Horses. Hate them.

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I can answer the first bit quite specifically - Friday April 13th of this year at around 13:05. Took the kids to a city farm and patting one of the horses was one of the last things we did before grabbing some lunch.

Sitting on a horse? Fuck knows - about 30 years ago maybe…

The gf and I drive past a field full of horses every morning on the way to work. The urge to pull over, sack off work and spend the day playing with them was strong today.

Never sat on one, can’t remember the last time I touched one. Sorry to let you down.

Touched a horse on Saturday. Kiss my teeth

A few months back I ended up doing a bit of horse whispering on a bike ride - a horse was stood in front of the gate we wanted to get through. Stroked him gently on the nose like I knew what I was doing. It worked as well.

Haven’t sat on a horse since I was a kid - would have been pony trekking on holiday in wales. It always pissed it down

Don’t really know why people who love horses love horses so much.

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Went to the Lea Valley Riding Centre by pure accident on Saturday. Touched about 20 horses no joke

horses for courses

(been literally waiting for opportunity to use that reply in this thread)

“Horses for courses” - James Hill, CEO of Findus


Because of the horse meat scandal, remember the horse meat scandal everyone?

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Yeah, they’ve got fuck all going on in the personality stakes. They need some facial expressions or ball chasing ability or something like that.

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They have so many horses it’s almost unbelievable.


“Ooh their so majestic or elegant or something”

You never see one of the long-faced dickheads doing anything fun or interesting though do you

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