When was the last time you turned down a freebie?

Genuinely can’t think of a time when I turned down something that was free. Will get back to you in 10.

Turned down a wristband advertising a not very good card game this weekend. One of those plastic ones that Lance Armstrong made a killing on.


Free dinner. Clashes with a gig I’ve already bought tickets for.

I’m not one for turning down freebies of any kind but since becoming vegan it’s happened a lot more often - I have turned down cheesecake, tiramisu and ice cream on three separate occasions in just the last three days

instinctively turn down the free samples of cheese or whatever at sainsbos all the time even though I would actually like free nibbles

Why do you think it is your first instinct to turn it down? Mine is the opposite, even if I don’t really fancy the food, I’ll have a nibble anyway

the “having to talk to a stranger / another human being” thing that accompanies the nibble I think

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People are always handing out mini cans of free fizzy drinks in town
I always say no cos they are always grim tasting artificial sweetener drinks

Said no to free tickets for Beck in Bournemouth last week. Regret that.