When was the last time you used a cashpoint?

  • This week
  • This month
  • 2-6 months
  • 7-12 months
  • Longer ago than that
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Saturday, pub only accepts cash

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So does my barbers (pretty sure it’s some kind of money laundering/people trafficking situation, but it’s cheap)

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Two weeks ago when I got a haircut.

Couple of weekends ago when I was going to the pub.

What was the reason for your visit?

  • Pub
  • Haircut
  • Other
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To withdraw cash - maybe 7 or 8 years ago
To deposit cash - this month

Yesterday in preparation for tomorrow night’s chippy tea (they’re cash only).


Always try and keep £20 in my wallet cos of the time I saw a band and wanted a t-shirt. I had no cash and they had no card reader. Embarrassing all round.


Yeah, put money in a fair few times in the last couple of years but haven’t withdrawn cash since before Covid.

To pay a tradesman - obviously a tax dodge


Hah - had someone round to fix something recently and he seemed genuinely disgruntled when I asked him to send an invoice because I didn’t have £50 on me.

  • Like to always have some cash on me when I can, just in case
  • Keep some change for car parks etc but no notes
  • Doesn’t bother me if I have no cash, it’s 2023 baby
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Took some out to pay a van man to move some stuff the other day, but then in the end he said he’d take Revolut either

Babysitter. Pretty sure all fifteen year old child minders are mixed up in some heavy black market deals that they don’t want tracking with cards


Was this month, weirdly but that was probably the first time this year. (Fanzine at the football)

Is there not anything like Swish in the UK?

Literally everyone has swish here

  • Actively avoid having cash on me - there’s no need for it
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You’re gonna have to explain this one

Is this guy called Colin Swish or something?