When was the last time you used a landline phone? (not for work purposes)


Can you remember the home phone numbers your mates had when you had to ring them up back in the day?


The only numbers I know off by heart are my parent’s home phone, and the parents of my mates Tim and Ian. No idea what my wife’s mobile number is.


It’s 07187 994636


I can remember Raymond’s home number from years ago and that’s it. His parents still live in that house so it could still be their number.


You have/had a friend called Raymond?


No, I just made him up for adulation on the internet.

He’s my best pal.

You can decide for yourself which of these contradictory statements is true.


And he goes by Raymond rather than Ray? (Or Mondy I guess)


Last night. To contact the motherland, obviously.


Depends if he’s real or not, doesn’t it.


+31 7187 994636


Does it count if it was for “one of my projects” as oppose for work?


I can remember the home phone numbers of at least half a dozen of my old school friends.

I have no idea what their mobile numbers are. I don’t even know my girlfriend’s number.

Outside of work, the last time I used a landline would probably be sometime in 2007.


Can you make a new thread for your projects please, I have questions


It’s 07187 994636


Woah. How did you do that?






I honestly couldnt tell you. I think i may have unplugged our home one.


No thanks. I’ve already eaten


I can only remember the number of the vets in the village I grew up in. It’s 01743 873 651. I’m not sure if they are still open, but I remember reciting it to a woman about 10 years ago when her dog was having a seizure.