When was the last time you used


the principles of Sun Tzu’s “The Art Of War” in the workplace?


All the fucking time pal


yesterday, to raise a monitor up a little


erm. December 31, 2016. Sold it, in fact.



Someone out there has a really shit New Year’s Resolution.


whoops i meant 2015, apologies. so yeah basically a year ago


it went for £4,500


They’re gonna upgrade and come back for a copy of the Prince next.


they’ll need a good 35k more if they do :o


They will have that money from defeating their (business) enemies.


shouldn’t these books be in a museum?


don’t worry we also sell to museums


isn’t it the done thing to donate these priceless items so everyone can enjoy them?

basically, you’re


everyone can enjoy them, 10-6 weekdays or 10-7 if you come to mayfair.

And they can do so without any admission fees


cool, I might come down one day and handle your rare books with my greasy hands.

i’m actually working on digitizing a rare book collection at my job right now.


I gave my copy away a few years ago. I had a friend who said that he used its principles frequently in the area he worked in. Software Testing.

I have no more idea what he meant now that I did when he told me.


“Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.”

  • My approach to making tea for my colleagues. They soon get pissed off and make it themselves.

“Ponder and deliberate before you make a move.”

  • Worked a treat when I had to negotiate the crowds at the Annual Conference last month to get to the finger buffet

“He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared.”

  • I’m playing The Long Game on the whole Becky/Michelle situation…


please do! (i shall hose you down before you’re anywhere near them of course)

oooh digitising rare books must be a cunt, especially because you cant open many flat to scan shirley?


When your enemy is at their best, appear selfish, impatient and a little insecure


I dunno, they’ve come out pretty nicely from what I’ve seen (i’m not actually personally scanning them out myself, just building the website that hosts it).

rare books!