When was the last time you vomitted?



Please give the date (estimate if necessary), location, cause and any other supporting information.


Almost certain we had this last week, friend.


December 30th 2015
Disabled toilet upstairs in the Donmar Warehouse during a play
Case: unknown; perhaps the pizza I ate beforehand or the Sam Smiths pint I drank was off?

I had to leave the play mid-performance (I didn’t return). McNulty was in the play. Sorry Jimmy.


DiS Vomit Day iirc correctly.


Two weeks from last Sunday, after a lot of tequila and jagermeister at an ATD’s wedding.
Enjoyed it.


Few weeks ago from booze


During the summer sometime after forty million* pints of stout.



I can’t remember any specifics about why or when, but I think the last time was at home and was after a short night out where I didn’t drink much and I just felt really rough really quick and was a bit perplexed by the whole incident

  • Saturday 8th October 2016, approximately 12:25
  • Bathroom toilet - some collateral damage on facing wall
  • Norovirus
  • Child returned from nursery infected - took down the whole family…


3 weeks ago, outside a supermarket at around midnight. Cause: too much alcohol (and mixing). Then went and ate some chips & cheese.


Last summer when I ate some off hotdogs and threw up all night


Last October in Costa Rica.
Food poisoning. No feeling quite like expelling simultaneously from both ends… Ended up on a drip in the local clinic when I got dehydrated and started shivering uncontrollably.


actually I’m not interested.