When was the last time you went to the zoo?



the zoo? a zoo? doesn’t really matter

I went to Barcelona zoo in around 1998, after a tour of the Nou Camp and I’m going to be honest…it made me very sad.

they had an albino gorilla there who looked very lonely. I could see the sorrow in his big fucking sad eyes.

makes me quite angry thinking about that gorilla…and other assorted animals obviously.

so, around 1998 for me



Was Barcelona Zoo as well I think. Most of the animals seemed quite happy.


Not a massive fan of petting animals or cruelty so they’re really not my thing. Colchester Zoo’s apparently one of the best in the UK but haven’t been there since I was about 12 I think


Cotswold wildlife park in the summer…is very good if the dadsnet massive want a day out.

Zoo, must be Bristol around christmas 2012 I think. OK, lot of penguins


i’m contractually obliged (probably) to say that it’s technically not a zoo (or rather, we don’t like to think of ourselves as one), but i work at port lympne so i’m at one all the fucking time.


London Zoo last spring.

Went during the week in term time and it was virtually empty.

London Zoo is great now. Lots of the enclosures are ones where you walk in to a large space and the animals are free to move around in it, above and around you. The monkeys, tropical birds, sloths and tamarin areas are terrific fun. The time of year meant that there were loads of baby animals too.


Does an aquarium count? It’s essentially a fish zoo. I was at Brighton Sea Life Centre in July, it’s a cracker.

If not, then I was at Dublin Zoo about 8 years ago, that’s an okay zoo.


haven’t been to one in years.
went to a sealife centre recently, enjoyed the jellyfish in washing machine exhibit


Amsterdam Zoo in 2013, was a decent enough zoo I think.

Bloody love a trip to Howletts and/or Port Lympne but haven’t been for 4 years or so.


Whipsnade, September 19th 2016.


Yeah London Zoo last March. It was damn cold and more expensive then I thought it’d be. Was good though and the animals seemed happy. Saw baby gorillas climbing on stuff and a sloth eating some fruit so pretty great.

Went to Valencia Zoo once and the gorilla there look so bored. Just starting back at the groups of school kids with vacant eyes :frowning:


Do you eat meat?


yeah, probably wouldn’t pay to go to the abbatoir for kicks though


Yeah was shocked at how much it had improved. Was awful when I was a kid.


now now, man. not so keen on this angle.

there may not be an angle


Last week, Marwell (it’s round the corner)

I adopted/sponsored one of these:


He said “Not a massive fan of petting animals or cruelty”. I would have thought that eating animals, many of who have been slaughtered and brought up in much, much worse conditions was maybe slightly more on the cruel side than visiting a well maintained zoo.


I went during the past summer and it was absolutely rammed! Which made it a little off putting (and the price was too much as you would expect) but I liked the monkey and penguin areas. Also the bug section has that spider room you can walk around in, lovely stuff.

The aquarium bit was disappointing, but I was comparing it constantly to the Sea Life on southbank which was really great I thought.


However anyone who doesn’t eat meat is more than welcome to shame zoo visitors.


Oh, if I was a big fan of looking at/stroking animals, I’d probs overlook the cruelty. But I’m not so ceebs with the zoo. Not on some anti-zoo crusade though big man, they’re just not my bag. You fill your boots