When was the last time you went 'woooooo!' to embarrass somebody about fancying somebody else?

I’m struggling to recall, myself

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My mates have all been married/partnered off for years :pensive:

Doubles the embarrassment for them I guess

decade at least

Related: At Broadcast in Glasgow the other day I overheard the following

Group of young women: we’ll have [drinks order]
Barman: coming right up
Woman #2: I like your jumper!
Barman: err…sorry, no. I have a girlfriend
Woman #2: what?
Barman: you asked for my number?! I have a girlfriend
Woman #2: I said ‘i like your jumper’!
Barman: OH!
Group of young women:…
Barman: well…this is horrible

I did a proper unexpected bark laugh and it didn’t help At ALL


Sunday before last I believe. Maybe also yesterday

what’s his DiS username?


Reminds me of my all time favourite dis thread, that one with the man in the coffee shop trying to chat up the girl behind the counter and talking about a left behind coffee being free for her. You had to be there

I still do this. When was I supposed to stop?

Misread this all as @bamnan