When was the last time you were sick?

As in a vomit, not


For me it was a few months ago cause I tried to do the cinnamon challenge and swallowed it and then seconds later was VIOLENTLY puking.

How about you, pals?

Any funny sick stories also appreciated, I’m sure we’ve all got a few. I’ll have a think.



April 2018

New Year’s Day

No hang on that’s not it, it was the purple bowl incident

Pre pandemic I get stomach bugs at least twice a year. So I’m not sure but definitely before March 2020.

I knew that was coming

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About four years ago, at rescue rooms in Notts. I’d done a couple pills and had loads of rum and cokes, and I’d forgotten I had a scarf around my head (I was dressed as Hollywood Hulk Hogan for Halloween) which was making me overheat. Had to go for a quick chunder to clear everything out.

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Last Saturday. Mixed wine and beer on Friday night

July. Undercooked leftover meat for lunch + cocktails. Not good.

So did I, that’s why I grabbed the bowl

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Had a sherry straight after though so not all bad.

september 9th, 2019

Christmas 2017 or 2016 I think.

A minor amount after doing the throat swab for a covid test in October.

A proper amount when I was hungover after watching Noah with DiS Film Club (it was a long film, made the mistake of just one more beer).

Thanks for listening.

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was once sick into a sock, whilst in my sleeping bag in a tent at Greenman. Unsurprisingly the sock didn’t really hold the puke in.


Can’t remember the last time I vomited from an illness, but the worst was when I caught norovirus during my 1st year at uni. Was never happier to have an en suite bathroom. Lots of people had it and I remember bragging that I hadn’t caught it and then I did

From bein ill, it was into my hands whilst walking past The Cure at Glastonbury. Horrid day


About 2.5 years ago. The whole family got some kind of norovirus courtesy of the nursery. I’ll tell you, it’s hard to be a good parent to a sick kid when you’re lying on the bathroom floor wishing you were dead.

It doesn’t, although we can have a separate thread about when you last had the epimers if you’d like?

Mind you I have them all the time, truth be told. Keep meaning to start a spreadsheet or something keeping an eye on that to see if there’s a cause but I’m a young, hip, sexy twenty something and having a poo diary doesn’t really go hand in hand with that.

had done an off-road bike race that lasted a couple of days so had spent the weekend only drinking out of burns. pretty sure it was the absolutely howling kebab i had when i got home that did it though…