When was the last time you wore something on your head*?

couple weeks ago, for me. a cap. I wore it to tesco express to check out the reductions**

was a little high, so was hoping the hat would deflect the attention away from my bloodshot eyes.

for the record, I wore it the right way round


  • a hood doesn’t count
    ** some mutt had already lapped them up.

Been a long time mate, reckon it must have been a wooly hat in Iceland in 2015-15. Avoid wearing anything on my head when possible.

when i was round at my folks a few weeks ago i took the tea cosy off the tea pot and put it on my head


this is great for two reasons:

firstly - that’s a very funny and cool thing to do. I reckon I’d get on with you irl
secondly - it’s great that your folks still use a tea cosy. cute

double thumbs up emoji thing


Wore my woolly hat last week when it was cold.

This week it’s ridiculously warm.

This morning (woolie hat to work).

Before that: cycling helmet, obviously.

I noticed a lot of bearded freaks cycling around London sans helmet recently. this makes me very angry

In my mid teens I had a hat that was tea cozy with both the holes sewn up.


Literally just taken my hat off.

i’m wearing a military green kinda fidel castro style/train driver cap right now

did you flick it onto a hatstand?

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Wore an elastic band around my head like a headband about 20 minutes ago

Hockey goalie helmet, in a couple of friendly matches over the summer.

Other than that, a warm hat when in Iceland last year.

I don’t wear caps.

Nah, don’t let the helmet debate anger you.

Another hat I wore recently:


Let’s say yes. Yes I did that.


My parents went to Penge and all they got me was this lousy hat.

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Penge ting

you’ve been in the sun? just the right amount of tan that


In the war you had to make do I suppose

that was at the weekend in Majorca. it was only really sunny for one day.

but the tan is just what happens if you cycle all the time. i maybe topped it up 10%.