When was the last time you wrote a letter?



not to the bank or whatever…to a friend…or whatever.

I get a monthly letter from an old lady I met a couple years back. she also sends me tobacco, which is really nice of her.

she has terrible handwriting and drones on about the most mundane of old lady things, but it’s cute as fuck.

I have only written to her twice, which I need to rectify. I call her every now and again though.

nice lady. very eccentric


Are you in prison? Nobody has ever sent me snout as a gift.


Wrote one for the TV to open on the morning of our wedding back in August. She’s the only person I’ve written letters to since reaching adulthood (no idea before that). Used to write to each other quite frequently, back when we were romantic. Suppose these days we’re rarely apart long enough for letter-writing.


day release, man. I don’t know why she sends me the baccy, to be totally honest. I’ve told her not to do it, but she keeps doing it

this reminds me - I need to send her some Baileys. she fucking loves the stuff and has it in her coffee’s from 8am to 8pm. mad skillz


my ex ex ex ex and I used to write to each other, as we lived 200 miles apart for a year or so. she would write on what I can only describe as furry paper? is this a thing?

again, her handwriting was poor as fuck and the ratio of letters coming in and going out was completely skewed. probably six in, one out

need to dig those letters out to remind myself about another perfectly good relationship I destroyed


:worried: not ^this