When was the last time you

took your watch off and sniffed your wrist?

Haven’t worn a watch for years but I absolutely never did this. Gross.


I only wear a Garmin device on my wrist when running. I never sniff my wrist.

took off your pants and didn’t sniff them?

Hahaha sad sacks who wear a watch thread.

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As far as I’m aware, you have never taken off my pants


twenty five to five

I’m not even on watchbook pal


Probably most days

my mam and dads dog used to chew my watch strap when i was rubbing her ears, so sometimes it smelt a bit funny

Last Thursday, I was at my parents house and the topic of conversation was tan lines. Showed them my watch tan and proceeded to sniff my wrist like the shameful Pavlovian human I am.

anyone own a smartwatch? do people sniff under there when they take them off?

about five minutes ago, although my strap is metal and not the same as a glorious sweaty casio plastic stink.