When will the washing machine man be here?!

  • soon
  • he’ll be late and some time in the afternoon
  • he isn’t coming

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Washing machine men are men of their word in my experience.

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their word was “late morning”

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He’ll be with you in the next half hour. I have no doubt about it.


you’re a voice of calming reassurance, thank you!

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Did they say which late morning?

this very late morning

Getting to the point where they might as well grab their lunch first now eh

I just want a washing machine :frowning: and I’m missing all the sunshine!

Also, may I suggest pooing in your washing machine? Might help.


washing machine men live longer with calgon


I don’t know but when he’s finished I bet he makes a clean getaway!!!

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I hope he doesn’t spin me a tale and his price isn’t too much of a drain on my finances!


we would make a tremendous double act

(we’d clean up)

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yeah let’s keep our powder dry for now.

Our washing powder that is!!!


love it!!!

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Did the washing machine person arrive in the AM in the end @Bamnan?

he did not

To emphasise how late he is you should be nude when he arrives, demonstrating that you simply have no clean clothes to wear


You obviously weren’t paying attention.

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