When would you call the Police to report someone missing?


This guy was missing all of about 5 hours by the looks of the initial report and the follow up story. Nice waistcoat also. Glad he’s safe though. Looks like a dude.




Yeah, my answer is also “Depends”


Mine as well.


I’d be shocked if anyone’s isn’t to be honest Ant, the OP frames a complex issue far too simplistically


Actually this is more about why the local rag thought it was newsworthy, but then I suppose they were helping to put the word out I suppose.


Yep, currently got them looking into the whereabouts of Arbeloa.


Please accept my humblest apologies.




I’d have to say, “depends”


you are correct of course. I was more thinking about how laughable a local rag is posting a story about someone who has essentially popped out to the shops and come back a bit late. But I’ve also answered my own query above by saying if they helped raise awareness and get him back then it was worth it. It summary - a diaster of a thread.


aye, can’t imagine it was bumping anything particularly major from the pages of the haverfordwest telegraph tbf


Not sure, but I’d probably send a message in a bottle rather than call



I’m sorry, but all pictures of referees are required to be drawn and not pasted from Google Images.


Probably early evening just before Eggheads


Pic’s not quite right. Think my post was more like when a holding midfielder accepts a yellow to snuff out a counter-attack on the half-way in the closing seconds while defending a lead.




De Pournoi


He said closing seconds. This was 8 minutes into the second half. You’re having a shocker, ref