When would you call the Police to report someone missing?


Think I’m going to have to get clarification on the circumstances before I answer this, as on those it depends.


6hrs, 14mins and 22secs, each and every time, regardless of context and mitigating circumstances.


Can’t see how they could help, really. I s’pose Sting could organise a benefit concert, but it wouldn’t happen right away.


dammit. Where’s the edit post function?



After some thought I was pretty sure my answer was going to be “depends”. However after a bit more thought I think my answer to the question “When would you call the police to report someone missing?” would be “when I knew someone had gone missing and it would be advisable for the police to go and try to find them”.


Had the same thought but thought I’d let him off with a sympathy-like, what with it being a Friday. Appreciate you having my back though.


depends is my reply.

on a side note, i’m sure if i wasn’t a) working or b) living with the parents, i could easily go off anyone’s radar for a good week without realising (or anyone else realising obv).


Nigel Orchard sounds like an alt account on here