When you become aware of chewing gum on the pavement

it’s fucking unbelievable.


It’s really disgusting.
Once I had a notion I’d start some kind of campaign about it and then I realised there are a lot more important things I should spend my time and effort on but still, urgh people are grim.

I’ve never understood how people can just spit out chewing gum on to the pavement - even more so in the numbers that they do.

I can half understand why you get cigarette butts on the pavement, but chewing gum baffles me.

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On a baser level I can’t understand the sheer numbers of people chewing gum in the first place.


I have this thing about stickers, basically they repulse me.
This also extends to yoghurt lids and lids of pizza take away dips.

@Avery likes to walk with me to work when he’s wfh on a Friday and I go in an hour earlier than normal.
One week there was a yoghurt lid stuck to the pavement. It was revolting :face_vomiting: I had expressed my disgust several times that week during the old ‘how was your day’ chats, yknow, “my day was alright thanks but this yoghurt lid is doing my nut in”. Well on the Friday, with a shudder of repulsion, I pointed it out to him as we walked past.
Coming back that way later on I noticed something incredible had happened, the minging yoghurt lid was gone!!! I could not believe it.
Turns out my absolute legend of a TV had painstakingly kicked it with his shoe until it was no longer stuck to the pavement, picked it up with his hands ( :nauseated_face: I made him thoroughly wash his hands before ever touching me again, of course) and put it in the bin.
One of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for another human being? I think so :heart_eyes:
Bloody hero


This is why I’m moving to Japan as soon as I can. Can serve lunch off those pavements.

Be a bit difficult to carry them to your table though

never has a story been so unrelateable and yet so heartwarming


good for unsticking food from teeth/cleaning up the old gob. getting rid of a lingering aftertaste as well.

also as a chronic boredom snacker it’s good for a) replacing an unhealthy snack with just chewing on something for a bit instead and b) making your mouth too minty to have any snacks for a while.


A heartwarming tale!

This is just when they’re littering or (in the case of stickers) stuck on walls and bustops? Or do you mean you hate even taking those lids from the tops of yoghurt pots and the like?

I don’t need anyone to justify it I just never realise how big a thing it is. I never even think about chewing gum yet appaz it’s everywhere.

i love him



Me too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can’t eat my yoghurt with the lid still in sight. Same with pizza dip lids.
It’s the wetness, they attract dirt and just urhgh give me the shudders

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Do you lick the underside of a yoghurt lid? I mean I always do.

Euww no.
I used to but would then run over to the nearest bin with it before finishing the rest of the yoghurt.
Can’t even do that now. If it’s an Oyko I’m mot wasting any of that delicious creamyness so will scrape the lid with a soon first.

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There was some of the floor by my seat on the train yesterday. Disgusting.