When you buy electrical equipment like a phone or a console or a tablet or whatever

Do you keep the box? For the life of the product? Forever? A while? Straight in the bin?

I do keep the box for some reason and I don’t really know what that reason is


I never sell anything but I keep some boxes. I don’t know why. Have a few phone boxes and a sitch.

I keep the box until it inevitably gets in my way when im looking for something in my closet. Then i rage recycle it

i always try to keep the box, if you need to return it it helps. also if you decide to sell it on second-hand it definitely helps

Bin the box as soon as I can arsed.

I’ve got the boxes my bed came in in the garage. Three massive boxes. Should really hack a little off every fortnight and stealth them out of there.

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@plasticmike LOVES to do this and it irks me a bit.

I currently have the box for my latest phone on my drawers. The box for my Nintendo Switch and PS3 in the bottom drawer from those drawers but I have a PS4 now and I don’t know where that box is.

Think I have some other boxes in the shit shed but I ain’t going in that hell hole to find out.

I hold on to boxes for effects pedals but that’s about it. Everything else gets chucked.

Yeah, a few kicking around in cupboards and stuff. Know what I’ve been quietly amassing? Routers. Got about 5 old ones up in shelves or at the back of cupboards now.

Small electrical item recycling has been a real boon for me in this respect.

I do for hi fi equipment, including the polystyrene, so that if it needs moving, then I’ve got a suitable protected box to move it with.

I think I also kept the box from my last expensive camera - so that if it ever developed a fault and needed returning I’d still have all the packaging, or if I decided to sell it on I could get a few more quid for it.

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Yeah, I’ve not recycled some boxes that arrived a couple of weeks ago and the fact that they are definitely now arachnid hotels is what is preventing me from doing anything about it.

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I keep some - guitar pedals, latest phone . My switch. It helps that the boxes for these are not too big.

I live in a flat, so keeping things like boxes for hi Fi, TVs etc is not an option

I’m pretty sure I still have the box for electrical equipment I’ve since recycled.

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Yeah, because they hold more resale value with the original box. Sold a boxed Fitbit recently for £5 less than I’d bought it for 6 months prior.

I keep the box around for a bit in case I need a box to send something else, say when selling something on ebay., or if I think I’m gonna be transporting it places reasonably often. If I haven’t done either after a bit I chuck them in the recycling.

My former housemate kept the box for his massive telly in the living room for months until I told him to get rid of it. Found out about a year later that he’d just put it in room; I found this out because he had a date come over, and so he moved it back into the living room.

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