When you buy electrical equipment like a phone or a console or a tablet or whatever


Do you keep the box? For the life of the product? Forever? A while? Straight in the bin?


I do keep the box for some reason and I don’t really know what that reason is


very hit and miss with this tbh. i’m currently trying to sell various bits of music gear that i have acquired over the years (mainly effects pedals and the like) and am cursing myself for not having more reliably kept hold of boxes and so on


Keep shoe boxes cause they’re useful to keep other stuff in.
Still have the box of the fan I bought during the heatwave- shoved it behind the wardrobe cause it’s MASSIVE and cba hacking away at it to fit it in the recycling box. Future me’s problem innit


I never sell anything but I keep some boxes. I don’t know why. Have a few phone boxes and a sitch.


I keep the box until it inevitably gets in my way when im looking for something in my closet. Then i rage recycle it


i always try to keep the box, if you need to return it it helps. also if you decide to sell it on second-hand it definitely helps


Bin the box as soon as I can arsed.


I’ve got the boxes my bed came in in the garage. Three massive boxes. Should really hack a little off every fortnight and stealth them out of there.


@plasticmike LOVES to do this and it irks me a bit.


I currently have the box for my latest phone on my drawers. The box for my Nintendo Switch and PS3 in the bottom drawer from those drawers but I have a PS4 now and I don’t know where that box is.


Oooft. One of those jobs that you put off indefinitely isn’t it?
Would enjoy a thread of fortnightly updates on this though, with accompanying pictures of your progress


Think I have some other boxes in the shit shed but I ain’t going in that hell hole to find out.


I hold on to boxes for effects pedals but that’s about it. Everything else gets chucked.


Yeah, a few kicking around in cupboards and stuff. Know what I’ve been quietly amassing? Routers. Got about 5 old ones up in shelves or at the back of cupboards now.


Small electrical item recycling has been a real boon for me in this respect.


I do for hi fi equipment, including the polystyrene, so that if it needs moving, then I’ve got a suitable protected box to move it with.

I think I also kept the box from my last expensive camera - so that if it ever developed a fault and needed returning I’d still have all the packaging, or if I decided to sell it on I could get a few more quid for it.


Absolutely fair enough. Tbf there are probably loads of spiders who’ve made home in them now, especially with it getting chillier. If anything, you’re doing the right thing by not turfing them out!


Yeah, I’ve not recycled some boxes that arrived a couple of weeks ago and the fact that they are definitely now arachnid hotels is what is preventing me from doing anything about it.


I keep some - guitar pedals, latest phone . My switch. It helps that the boxes for these are not too big.

I live in a flat, so keeping things like boxes for hi Fi, TVs etc is not an option