When you can't decide what to listen to, what do you do?

If in doubt put on PJ Harvey


Yeah this is probably the main reason why i listen to podcasts so much, prefer to listen to music but get overwhelmed by the choice

Listen to The House of Tomorrow or Yeezus

Reign in Blood or Never Mind The Bollocks

I never get this, I’ve always got something that won’t leave my head so I’ll just default to that.

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Scroll through the music board until I see a name I think “Oh yeah, I meant to check that out”

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  • Come here and see if there’s anything people are talking about that sounds promising
  • Listen to a recent episode of Late Junction or Unclassified on the BBC. There’s normally something on one of those that’ll catch my ear and send me off down a new rabbithole.

Just shuffle my entire music collection - if an old favourite album comes on then I queue the whole thing then it reverts back to shuffling once that’s done.

Used to do it on Spotify by adding all my playlists to a top level folder and then shuffling that, now do it on Plexamp by going to the artists tab and shuffling there.

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Yeah, got a few DJs on BBC Sounds that I’ll go to for some new/old stuff - Gilles Peterson, Marc Riley, Tom Ravenscroft or Vic Galloway.

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