When you have a sneeze that wont come out

looking at a light helps, yes?

  • Yes, this works for me
  • No, that’s stupid
  • I’ve never heard of this and want nothing to do with this thread

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I actually quite enjoy this feeling and wish to prolong it when it does happen.

that’s fucked up

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isn’t it just

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yes, @SenorDingDong !!

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I have heard of this, but it doesn’t work for me.

When you have a laugh that won’t jay z

Looking at a light actually stops my sneezes.


wow, surprising amount of people actually. nice one, sneezers.

Another related condition is sonar sneezing, in which exposure to loud noises or loud environments triggers a sneeze response.

Haha. sonar sneezing! :smiley:

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singing the thread title to ‘there is a light and it never goes out’

I always flick my eyes up and down between the light and it makes me sneeze.

If I see my boyfriend going to sneeze and looking at the light, I usually keep shouting NO NO NO NO DONT SNEEZE DONT SNEEZE and he then can’t sneeze and he hates it.


that’s fucked up, also

he’s a sneezey lover!

Actor’s tip for holding in a sneeze: press your tongue onto the roof of your mouth. That usually make it go away.

Light stare works for me, usually whilst drawing in a long breath through my nose very slowly.

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yep, that helps too

Don’t care. Love it.

it’s like when people are counting and you go TEN, TWENTY-SEVEN, FOUR-HUNDRED AND SIXTY-THREE, TWELVE, ONE