When you have been on land

what is the furthest you have been from a wall?


Never been on land

Might be rogue walls about. Little bit of dry stone of something.

I didn’t realise the bogs were that wet.


depends what you count as a wall

I’ve been in that mother too. So… maybe.

probably oot in the minnesoota lakes, ya think

Lakes aren’t land!

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Probs driving around Iceland (the country).

What about Wallander*?

*Let’s pretend he is Icelandic.

Hey lonz, what happened to the 2nd series of that icelandic drama with yer fella solving the murders with neither hat nor gloves?

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Are we talking solely about person-made walls, or just any structure that you would feasibly refer to as a wall?

Cos I was in the Grand Canyon once and there’s no walls anywhere, except the sides of the canyon are called walls aren’t they

Dunno (Trapped I think). When are those fucking pricks putting on the final season of the Bridge?

I haven’t Scandi dramaed for ages.

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Listen to your heart.

Trapped, that’s it! Not to be confused with Michael from Partridge’s moonlighting show.

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just had to buy a new vaillant boiler @anon29812515 what you think about that? ecoTEC pro 28. Seems a bit…shit and small for the house. But I put my trust and love in the gas fitter I have known for 3 hours.
How’s the worcester going?

Still sitting in its box. Going in on Friday. What is your cost?

We are £2,630 which includes thermostats and a 2m radiator installed.

£2k all in. Some bog standard thermostat. Old one was basically condemned on site. Has a little “dangerous” sticker on. RIP brandicantremember