When you have been on land


what is the furthest you have been from a wall?


i reckon one of the 'merican national parks would probably be mine


Never been on land


Might be rogue walls about. Little bit of dry stone of something.


I didn’t realise the bogs were that wet.




depends what you count as a wall



i’ve driven through the nevada desert so i reckon the middle of that


I’ve been in that mother too. So… maybe.


probably oot in the minnesoota lakes, ya think


do give my regards


Lakes aren’t land!


Probs driving around Iceland (the country).


What about Wallander*?

*Let’s pretend he is Icelandic.


Hey lonz, what happened to the 2nd series of that icelandic drama with yer fella solving the murders with neither hat nor gloves?


Are we talking solely about person-made walls, or just any structure that you would feasibly refer to as a wall?

Cos I was in the Grand Canyon once and there’s no walls anywhere, except the sides of the canyon are called walls aren’t they


Dunno (Trapped I think). When are those fucking pricks putting on the final season of the Bridge?

I haven’t Scandi dramaed for ages.


Listen to your heart.


Trapped, that’s it! Not to be confused with Michael from Partridge’s moonlighting show.