When you have been on land

probably never been a mile from a wall.

Well that isn’t too far off mine and I have a glamour brand and a radiator so I can live with that.

Our current boiler has one of these and no thermostat so looking forward to it!


Not gonna lie, I wanted a bit more glamour, but think this one will be fine. I wish you well with your install

Probably on top of a hill in Wales

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Just had mine given the once over, had to chase the plumber for three weeks or so to come over, but he is consistent I have also had to chase him for the bill - he still hasn’t sent it its been 2 weeks

South Pole

Somewhere in northern Spain I’d imagine. Didn’t see many walls there.

Rural Ireland could count too. Lots of hedges and ditches and no walls there.

and after aaaaaaaaall


This is our boiler. We’ve had lots of fun getting it repaired over the years.

Seems to be a very common one that lots of people have…

Sorry dude. If it’s any consolation ours is now quite a few years old. We’ve had problems with failing diverter valves and depending which plumber’s folk wisdom you believe that was apparently a flaw in the original model. Maybe they’ve fixed it.

You could play the old tradesman game? You know “Alriight mate. Milk two sugars right? Yeah solid piece of kit these babies huh? But dicky diverters on some of them yeah?” and see what you get in response :slight_smile:

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I carry a bit of wall around with me at all times so the answer is 0mm

Do you hold it at all times, or do you ever put it down to say open a tin?


it’s only the size of a ping pong ball (different shape FYI) so fits neatly in a pocket. I will leave it to the forum admins as to whether my pocket constitutes a part of my self or not and if not whether my 0mm needs to be revised.

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anyone been on any wall-free remote islands?