When you have people doing work in your house

It’s common practise that they just leave the front door open the whole time so they can go in and out to the van or whatever. It’s fucking freezing guys.

don’t worry about posting in this thread, cheers.



What you having done?



  • Suffer in silence
  • Ask them to keep the door closed
  • Repeatedly close the door behind them like a snivelling passive aggressive ass

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Happened to me recently, got so mad that I internalised it all and let them continue as they were


We had our garden fences done in February last year in the week that featured not one but two storms (Eunice and Franklin) and which involved having both the front door and back doors open :woman_shrugging:

While I was clearly the real victim in this situation, it made me realise that I would not like to work as a gardener in the wintertime :cold_face:

nah fuck these guys, they’re moving their bodies around constantly to keep warm. will no-one think of me and my cold keyboard hands?

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This reminded me of this simply stunning article i read this week (not that you’re complaining about domestic staff or ponies btw, just reminded me of it indirectly and made me go back to it for a chuckle)


Not in our house cos we have an indoor cat.

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“no-one told us” is a brilliant phrase to use in this context


Can’t risk Winnie running out into the street.

Aga, Waitrose, “over two hours from London”, pony field rent, country houses costing £2m-£4m (!), Peloton bike, “London flat they kept as an investment”. Hats off to The Telegraph, this one has got it all. Particularly enjoyed this section:

For those whose lifestyles include domestic staff, wages have risen by 10-25pc. "This is because there is so much demand they can pick and choose the work they want to take on. Try getting a gardener in South Oxfordshire. If you find one, expect to pay £35 an hour for weeding.”

Meanwhile, nannies and grooms “expect two-bedroom accommodation and expect to bring their own pets, a two-hour lunch break and 30-days holiday. That’s before you have even discussed their hourly rate,” she says.

Like the idea that having a groom is a lifestyle choice :rofl:

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It’s just beautiful. Selling the dog really made me laugh, whilst piling hundreds of pounds of logs on the fire. They just didn’t like the dog, did they.

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That reminds me of another bit I enjoyed - the payoff between the opening and closing sections of this paragraph…

They now have a menagerie that includes two ponies, dogs, cats and rabbits. “We’ve made lots of friends through school, and we love the slower pace of life,” says Saunders, 42, a nutritionist. But as many people who have made similar moves have discovered, country life comes with unexpected costs – especially with energy costs now 65pc higher than a year ago, and food prices rising at their fastest rate in half a century.

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much The Last Of Us recently :thinking:

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One of the many, many advantages of having a cat.

“Yeah do you mind keeping the door closed? Don’t want the cat getting out, cheers.”

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Personally don’t want a cat but there’s nothing stopping me from inventing an imaginary one next time, nice