When you look at a discography

Do you give more kudos to films, i.e Mario Bava or music i.e Frank Zappa?

Don’t think I get it


You watch your friends

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Do you have more respect for a music artist reflecting back on their body of work or a film maker in the same respect. Different skills but both in the arts area.

Don’t think I get this.

i still don’t understand


is this thread “what do you prefer, films or music?”


No. With the amount of information available today. When you look at bodies of work by artist from the film or music genres which ones do you feel have the most talent. Shit, I don’t understand too now!

so it is a thread about whether films are better than music


On the one hand, films are pretty mint. But I also like music. It’s a tough question.


so is a film maker deserving of more kudos re the amount of work they do or a music artist with a shit load of great albums? Abandon thread alert.

films are too long, music is usually the right length


Think it’s definitely way easier to make music than a film, but I can’t think of a scene on any movie that I could relate to in as personal a way as my favourite songs.

I have tried my best, hope this is an ok answer



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Not sure about that. Plenty of really shit films have been made and easier to blag ones way up the movie ladder I feel. Music talent is pretty transparent.

What about double albums tho

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Or short films.

Sometimes films are really long

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well we already know that most double albums are bad

Zen Arcade.

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