When you mute a thread...

…it shouldn’t be visible in the overview of subforums imo.

I’ve muted so many threads that are a tar pit of negativity and nihilism but they all pop up when you go to community.drownedinsound.com and only disappear when you actually go into the subforum itself.

Is that something that can be fixed?

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Can’t find a setting for that on my end, I’m afraid. @justindirose, any insight to share? :innocent:

Do you mean something like this?

I’m not sure I quite understand the question. I tried to reproduce it by:

  1. Choosing a thread that isn’t currently muted.

  2. Setting that thread to “muted”.

  1. Visiting the homepage and setting the view to “all categories”.

and when I did this, I couldn’t see the muted thread anymore.

Have I misunderstood your issue @TheBarbieMovie2023 ?

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I worked it out!

You mean the Categories view

You’re right, muted threads still appear in that view.

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That’s the one!

I don’t think there’s a setting for that, but it sounds like a great bug report to share on meta.discourse.org. It would make a lot of sense to respect the muted state of a topic on the Categories screen.


Just chipping in to say I think this is a great suggestion and something I have often wished for myself.


You take away the biggest part of me


Can someone tell me how to mute a thread?! I’ve never done it before and can’t seem to figure it out

Oh actually, I think a post up thread might be helpful, I’ll give it another go.

Drop down menu under the last reply on a thread

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