When you poo, do you also wee?

  • I always wee when I poo
  • Sometimes I wee when I poo
  • I only poo and never wee when I’m doing a poo

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Another great thread



Not only do I always wee when I poo, I usually poo when I wee!

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I wasn’t expecting that! Are you sure?

Yeah, I’m sure!

How often do you wee?

How often do you poo?

I sometimes forget to do all of my wee when I poo and then have to go for a wee a few minutes later.


I wee probably 10-15 times a day

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So we can assume you poo maybe 7-12 time a day?

I poo usually when I wee

I think that’s a safe assumption, yes

I’m flabbergasted

I’m Tone!


Are they cute and tiny poos?

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Can any poos really be cute?

  • Somehow yes
  • No, they are poo

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It varies. Sometimes they are cute and tiny poos, sometimes they are large and unruly.

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Wombat poops are cute and look like little malt loaves.

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We get it mate you’ve been to Australia