When you’re eating a slice of a circular cake or pie

Do you

  • Start eating it from the pointy end
  • Start eating from the wide end (i.e. where the crust is for a pie)
  • Random

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With my hands of a knife and fork? Pointy end by hand, random with knife and fork

Pointy, anything else is madness


But, if you start with the crust end, you get the boring bit out the way first.


Either. Starting with the pointy end is easier if not using a knife and fork, admittedly.

Anybody voting crust first is seriously fucked up or just trying to be edgy.


Or just sensible.


Like to eat a slice of pork pie by eating the meat first, but leaving a small layer of meat above the thick base crust. Then I eat the top, then the side, and then the jackpot crunchy, jelly, meaty bottom

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Actually this is a lie. The thin top part is devoured in the first bite


  • Crust
  • Filling
  • Both, don’t have a system

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Bloody, fucking love pies


But what if you fill up on crust before getting to the good stuff, huh?

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This thread fails to take into account that pies, cakes and different types of cakes all require different strategies.


Reckon the uk is pound for pound the greatest pastry nation on earth. All I’ve got here is empanada, and that’s not even pastry

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Should’ve had a smaller slice in that case

If you’re eating a pizza though

Ok. :cake:

  • Pointy end
  • Wide end
  • Random

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  • Pointy end
  • Wide end
  • Random

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  • Chicken pie
  • Beef pie
  • Veg pie
  • Pork pie
  • Kidney pie
  • Gammon or ham pie
  • Apple pie
  • Other fruit pie
  • Venison pie

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I wasn’t intending to include pizza in this if I’m honest. Mainly as I would start with the pointy end when eating a slice of pizza (with my hands anyway).

The second one’s supposed to be a pie, but the emoji looks more like a flan, really