When you test the system

So earlier I rocked up to Canning Town Maccy Ds on my bike rolling thru the drive thru. Your man told me I couldn’t come through on my bike and to order online to my home.

I got on ubereats and asked for it to be delivered to the restaurant and then asked which of the delivery drivers had the reg blah blah.

Five mins later… Sweet maccy Ds.


I wonder if your Uber driver was Lucien, eh @anon29812515?


What did you order?

What’s their logic for banning bikes from the drive through? Would they have allowed you to order on a motorbike? Is four wheels the issue? Would they have served you on a quad bike?

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According to their website:

Are bicycles allowed through Drive Thru?

McDonald’s supports the health and environmental benefits of cycling, however it is our practice not to serve cyclists using the drive-thru lane or drive-thru service windows.

Why? The drive-thru facility is designed for motor vehicles and, on balance, we are concerned that use by cyclists could compromise their safety through: the necessarily close proximity with motor vehicles; the limited visibility of cycles (particularly given the sharp corners of the drive thru lane); and the difficulties of carrying food and drinks and retaining full control of a bicycle. In reaching this view we have consulted with our own Hygiene and Safety Department, the Highway Code, and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).

Alright Ronald McDonald


On the contrary it is YOU who is the clown!


There was a story on the radio the other day about someone being denied drive through cos they were in an open cab tractor

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