When you think about it, Breaking Bad wasn't as great as we all thought it was, was it?



terrible title. agreed.

moving on, I think man/woman should let something as large as this sit for a period of two years or so, before giving a definitive review on its overall merits.

I remember watching it at the time and thinking ‘boy, this is right up there with the all time great shows’

however - having taken some time to really digest it and come to my firm conclusion, I’d say it was a very good show, with some absolutely tremendous episodes (fly, train heist, truck magnet) but it’s a show that I will probably never, ever watch again, unlike all the absolute greats - The Wire/Sopranos/Curb/Louie/that other one

what say you?


I still think it was great but I agree that there’s suddenly a lot of hipster d’bags pretending it wasn’t for indie points.



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Absolutely amazingly gripping telly, top-tier entertainment for what’s-gonna-happen-next value. Not got the rewatch value of the true upper-echelon big-hitters but it was still absolutely brilliant IMO.


I’ve read books like it. A great page turner…but then probably something you may not want to revisit.


I think it was the first programme since peak-era Neighbours to really grasp how to pace an episode so that it ends on a cliffhanger.


While watching it I thought it was great fun, really entertaining but not in the top, top tier of great TV. This is still my opinion


yeah it’s really good, out of the ones you mention i prefer the sopranos and don’t like louie as much.
dunno why people are so obsessed with ranking acclaimed tv shows as if it isnt subjective


Dropped the ball with the flash-forward structure in the last season IMO, removed a lot of the dramatic tension but yeah, agreed with you. Never seen anything to make me so desperate for the next episode (since peak-era LOST at least)


peak-era Neighbours > peak-era Lost


We drove past Walter White’s house in Albuquerque.

I can tell you that the people who own that house were not happy that it was that house. They had a right face on and stared me down as we drove past, slowly.

I haven’t even seen most of breaking bad. I stopped halfway through season 4 cause I thought it was getting a bit ‘meh’.


I was always a Home and Away man personally.


I loved it.

Why do you think your opinion a long time after the show finished is more valid than your opinon straight after it was over?


They probably thought you were going to chuck a pizza on the roof


favourite 3 characters…3 or more episodes:[poll type=multiple min=1 max=3 public=true]

  • Walter White
  • Jesse Pinkman
  • Saul Goodman
  • Gus Fring
  • Skyler White
  • Hank Schrader
  • the imperious Mike
  • Walt JR
  • Todd
  • Lydia
  • Ted Beneke
  • Marie Schrader
  • Tuco
  • Steven Gomez
  • Bogdan Wolynetz
  • Tuco’s uncle? (chap in wheelchair)
  • the one I forgot


said it was crap at the time

glad history is proving me correct YET AGAIN


write in vote for badger


I dunno man. its like people calling To Pimp a Butterfly the greatest hip hop album of all time after 4 days. stuff like this takes a long time to digest and therefore, wild, immediate opinions should be discounted as nonsense, imo


I never finished it, going to try again some time.


I didn’t really watch much of it, saw most of the last season. Had a sort of pulpy quality imo, not half as engaging or complex as some people made out at the time. It’s not the standard of say The Wire, it’s more of a pop culture phenomenon - like Buffy or something.