When you think about it, it's actually impossible to gauge what level of pain threshold you have innit

dental hygenist asked me if I had a high pain threshold, as the clean she was administering was hurting like fuck.

thought about it, then told her I wasn’t sure, as I have no way of comparing my pain threshold to anyone else’s.

what do you reckon?

Always guesswork innit, but judging my reactions against other people’s reactions when I’ve seen them get similar injuries/go through similar procedures, I’d say mine’s low to average

very wary when someone asks you that question


Think mine is all over the place depending on the stimulus, all or nothing kind of thing

I feel ya. Pain is intrinsically subjective. The TV always tells me I have a low pain threshold, but I think it’s a sign of a high survival instinct.


feel like there’s something quite philosophically contentious about the idea that “unimaginable, unspeakable” pain can be adequately represented by the number 10


Imagine right if you could feel the most INTENSE PAIN IN THE WORLD !! for one minute with no lasting effects on your health. Woild you do it?

  • Yes
  • No
  • You’re a dickhead
  • make u think
  • pingu

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Has anyone ever thought that if anyone were to magically swap bodies with you that the other person simply would not be able to handle the pain of your everyday existence? No me neither


Not that relevant to your post but in one of the Harry Potter films loads of them are put under some spell that gives them Harry’s body and not one of them immediately checks out what his cock is like. Lost all credibility right at that moment.


ironically the “pain free” facial expression would ache like a bastard after a while

body part relative I reckon,
burn on the hands - won’t even feel it 0, cut on the arms or legs - barely a whimper 1, stubbed toe dance - disgruntled 4, knocked potatoes - ahgahgahgah 6, root canal - mother of satan 8, kidney stones - bike hopping jesus 9 with moments of 10.

Mine’s fucking banging. Been through too many weird surgeries/procedures in my life. The only things without any tolerance are my emotions though. You could kill me through those.

Tbf tbh always thought this was a weird way of checking you weren’t a junky and could administer the normal amount of anaesthetic or whatever
Could be wrong

might start using this to reply to people on here


that’s my actual face

this scale is widely accepted as shite because pain is subjective. because of this, some consultants encourage their patients to make and define their own scales.

pain management graduate, here.


Mines more attritional, I would rather a 10 for 1min than say a 5 for 2 days. Like dull tooth ache pain for several days is the worst

you first mate

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Turns out I like my tea “very distressing”

Is there any reward?