When you think about it it's weird, i'd argue sick, that mince pies are so much more popular than eccles cakes...

Mince pies are tasteless shite. Even when you get one with a nicer filling the pastry’s doughy.

An eccles cake on the other hand - flaky, buttery pastry, topped with sugar. Fuck me. An absolute 10/10 snack. I had four before. Four.

No need to make the thread about you if you’ve never had one, it’s fine.


Bloody love a good, proper, fatty eccles cake where the bottom is not so much flaky but just a mass of fats, carbs, and sugar. Utterly mouthwatering.


Don’t really know what an Eccles cake is


Every town in the north has a cake named after it

Sometimes it’s hard to see the truth when it’s staring you in the face. How could I have been so blind to this?

which county is the town of Birthday in?

My dad used to buy a lot of Eccles cakes and I liked them. I’ve never liked mince pies though.

It’s a hamlet in Cumbria


I had two Eccles cakes tonight. Just the ones you get in Sainos and still pretty good. Bakery near work does them and they are fucking incredible.

Love Eccles cakes. So good

(I also like mince pies too)

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Used to have pal called Eccles due to his love of Eccles cakes. Don’t think they’re available nationally.

Mince pies don’t exist from January to November so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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No coincidence that the best mince pies are the puff pastry ones, ie the ones closest in nature to Eccles cakes.

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Most northern thread of the week.

Hot or cold?

i would posit that the ubiquity of the mince pie is such that one is far more likely to encounter an average to below average example, whereas your eccle cake is more likely to be an artisanal affair and thus the perception of the inherent quality higher in comparison.

It’s funny because although they should taste a lot like a mince pie, they manage to be so, so much worse. #inthebin

FUUUUUUCKCCKKKCKKCKC I left the remaining two eccles cakes from last night at home and I was going to have them as a snack.


I want this so much now. Thank you :slight_smile:

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For anyone in the north west the best eccles cakes are these

you can get them here in the cafe…

absolutely fucking amazing

Surprisingly hard to find in Eccles weirdly enough…