When you think of yourself at your youngest/longest ago are you a sperm or an egg?



When you think of yourself at your youngest/longest ago are you a sperm or an egg?


honestly can’t remember


Well that is really a very interesting question Lonzy, nice one.

I’m gonna go with egg I think


Yeah I think I go sperm but the egg will have been round longer so I think I have been wrong.




Well it’s my understanding that the sperm is absorbed by/turns into the egg so I think the egg is the base from which we all grow whereas the sperm is something else I don’t really understand


That’s a shame


Yeah and your mum’s eggz are all lined up when she pubes. So really I am much older that I thought, probably around seventeen years older.


meowington, do you think my wife knows how many Magnums are in the freezer?


yes she probably does

i left a magnum at my boyfriends house and could feel in my waters it had been eaten and turns out it had been eaten


Do you like those pink Magnums?




Yes but I think my favourite is almond.

The double chocolate and peanut butter ones aren’t as good as they should be. Still nice but could be better.


what are the pink magnums? i’d imagine strawberry and white chocolate?

the greatest magnums are the honeycomb ones. soooo much better than a crunchie blast


Raspberry chocolate I think, they are truly delicious but I had not heard of the honeycomb one before this exact moment and now I want one more than anything in the world



And in answer to Balonz’s question: no.


they’re honestly the most delicious ice cream


I saw one for sale at the cafe at Blackpool Sands in Devon (not Blackpool). It was £2.50. I have a policy of only buying whippys or scooped ice cream from non shop vendors so this was a no no.


I love honeycomb anything, they call me the honeycomb kid!


Sounds like one hell of a bullshit policy to me but you’re a man of principle and I admire that