When You Try To Fix Something But Just Make It Worse

Had some food stuck between my teeth, and have dental floss in work just because the last time this happened it drove me nuts and I had to go home.

Just nipped to the bathroom to floss and in doing so, a little thread of the floss kinda snapped off and got stuck between my teeth. The food is now gone, but there’s a really thin strand attached to my tooth there in my mouth and my tongue keeps brushing it. Went to the toilet to try and pull it out again, but I can’t get a hold of it. Even tried more floss but somehow it’s still there. My mouth now hurts from all the fingering I’ve given it.

This is far worse than when it was just the food.

Lock got stuck at my house yesterday, missus was sorting it and nipped out “don’t worry i’ll sort it when the locksmith comes love” They came i made them a nice brew, showed them the door and the lock left them to get to work, they replaced the lock and went on their way.
Missus came home “have they not been yet?”
Well it turns out that it was the mortise lock and not the yale lock that had jammed so I got them to fix the working one and the others still fucked


bike shit

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I read the title to the tune of Fix You by Coldplay

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That made music as a collective worse, so it counts

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I’d say something about Theresa May going to Salzburg to fix Brexit, but it would just get sent to the heavy handed satire thread