When you used tech for the first time and thought it was incredible

Just bought a new television and remembered when I bought one 10 years ago needing two strong blokes to carry it into the lounge… but thinking that it was the future.

So: first experiences of tech which now seem very dated

Getting a Game Boy


when we got the internet for the first time in 2003 and I opened up a multiplayer pool game on miniclip. Fucking blew. my. mind.


Using an iPhone for the first time (a display model in a shop) and browsing the actual internet on it, just like the real thing.

First time I used the internet was to go on a Christian Yahoo Chatroom to troll people. Of course it wasn’t called trolling then, that came later.

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Getting a Wii U and playing Mario Kart 8, the last video game I’d played was probably Pokemon Silver on Gameboy Advance and the graphics in Mario Kart floored me

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1st Sky Plus box that allowed you to record shows with no tapes, series links, pause live TV etc

When I got my 1st Internet ready PC in 1999 I remember having to wait ages for a Phantom Menace trailer to load up, and still being impressed.

Also lots of South Park animations

Playing on a friends GameGear in class - it’s in colour!!!

First office job in 1987, I was asked by the senior partner to take a two-page document to The Smith Partnership in the city centre because ‘Mr Smith has one of those new fax machines’.
I watched as the secretary sent the document via fax. It was like some sort of voodoo.

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Me and my mate set up a LAN back in the day so we could play Airfix Dogfighter. When it actually worked – the magic.

CD burners… wo


First game of Wii Tennis felt like genuine magic

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Playing Pong on my mate Mark’s console sometime in the late 70s.

Having a friend download song lyrics for me from the internet, without really knowing what the internet was.

Someone sending me a demo by email attachment seemed absolutely mental the first time.

Also the first time turning on the first pc I built. Fucking nervewracking!

Pong was brilliant. That and Space Invaders

Not quite answering the question in the OP, but I had this experience very strongly when using PSVR for the first time. I’m sure it will seem very dated when we’re all having photo-realistic immersive worlds projected onto our retinas in a few years’ time…

Oh also using google maps on a phone to navigate a city. Couldn’t imagine life without it now!


Yeah. That was massive. I found a blank CD clearing out my loft a few years ago and it still had the price tag on it - was about £4.99! For 1!

My Dad’s work gave him a mobile phone in the 80’s - one of those classic Gordon Gecko ones. I remember meeting him in London one day and getting the train back home with him. We got to the station before our one and he rang a taxi from his mobile - people were watching on in amazement. Was pretty cool.


it burns at x4 speed :open_mouth:

Terminator 2
I remember watching open-mouthed when the floor tiles at the prison/asylum moulded into the prison guard

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