When you used tech for the first time and thought it was incredible

was MJs black and white video at a similar time…? I remember the end of that with the face swapping being a big deal

Bit of a reverse one

I was in a second hand record shop - and this (older) guy was asking the shop owner to help him identify a record that had the wrong label/ sleeve on it. They were playing it in the shop and listening intently

I poked my beak in and went - “I can Shazam it for you if you like”. I did and it worked like a charm

Shazam had already been around for quite some time at this point - but neither of them had seen or heard of it until then.

Blew their minds man

Looking back at this it’s not much of an anecdote, sorry


first ipod. remember my mate getting one in high school and just thinking “holy shit, you can fit every cd i own on this thing”

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One of these clever bastards


I dunno, it’s usually the other way around for me - my expectations of new tech are always ahead of the reality so I tend to be underwhelmed

I do remember playing Moonstone on the Amiga as a kid though and getting serious heart rate spikes whenever there was a dragon needing a decapitation and thinking to myself ‘wow, this is so lifelike’


but anyway, here’s how 1971 dressed computer games - I guess I always wanted the sexy future that was promised but never quite arrived


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I still find contactless payment and wireless streaming astonishing.

But I remember when I first got my Xbox 360, second hand with a number of games. I started playing Bioshock and just stood there doing nothing for ages, because I didn’t know the game had started. I thought it was a cutscene!!!

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We got our first family PC when I was about 6 (1996) and I went apeshit when my dad pressed some buttons on the keyboard and my name came up on the screen on front of us, then he pressed something else and the font changed.




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I did the exact same thing. Which one is it where you start out floating in the water? I was just bobbing there for a few minutes. Pushing the controller on the off-chance and he bloody moved. Couldn’t believe it.

The first time I connected to WiFi in my house. No wires at all, I moved my laptop into the other room and it still worked. Coincided with getting broadband too. The first site I opened was the Gorillaz website. I think because I tried to go there on dialup and failed due to too many graphics. Loaded straight up on broadband. Magic. I think I stayed up until about 5am on my computer that night viewing specialist websites in my room.


That’s Bioshock! And then the bit where you float through the underwater city - unbelievable.

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I don’t know if I’ve ever had this moment. When I was a kid we used to have pictures of computers and mainframes in books, there was a bit of magic about them. When the internet came a long at first I remember not really expecting much from it.

I thought this was incredible when I got it in the early 80s.


fax is still amazing to me!

Got a free VR headset from Samsung the other day. After some pretty unimpressive games demos I loaded up VR porn on that baby and good god.


July 2008, flat hunting with a friend from uni who worked part time at Apple and had an iPhone (less then a year after it first came out so she was the first person i knew to own a smartphone by aaaaaaaaaages)

she says right where’s this house and gets out her phone and uses the maps app

Mind. Blown.

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I tell you what properly blew my mind (and still does tbh) - Google Street View.