When you were a kid..

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a garbage man. Would just get infatuated with trash pick day. Mom used to get me all excited “here they come!”, would just stare out in window in awe.

That and a mailman because my dad was one, but I remember looking up to him and him telling me one day “its not all its cracked up to be son”, heart broken.




couldn’t be arsed


Formula One driver

Now: don’t have a driving licence, never driven a car have driven a forklift though


Congratulations on your seat for Williams F1 Racing 2021!


My mum told me “you should be a lawyer because you’re good at arguing”

I wanted to be a doctor at one point I think but that’s what you get in an Indian family. Never really had a clue tbh


Pilot, drummer.

Now my drums sit gathering dust in the garage. I guess I might do a flying lesson for my 40th.


Goalkeeper or AA man.


Two things.

I wanted to be a “road worker” which basically meant just the folk digging wholes in the road. This was probably from lego sets and playmobil maybe, but also from watching lads digging holes in our road putting cable TV in.

I rolebplayed hard. My uncle worked for the local council and managed to steal a hivis vest and latterly some road cones (pylons for you NY) and I used to pretend to be digging my parents driveway up all the time.

In 2000 when I did my work experience for the week, I went with said uncle to his work and got to ride on a road paver, visit a McDonald’s being built, and it was amazing. It is the best thing about my jobs up to this point - I Dreamed literally of a job where I got to wear hivis and I do.

My new job isn’t but its something I have brown to want to do, so I’m happy to be moving on.

The second thing was be a radio DJ and I actually got to do that on our local station, with the original Monday Graveyard incarnation. Didnt lead to the professional life I had wished for but broadcasting on FM. That was special.

Great thread.


I wanted to be a vet so bad, I did my work experience at one and it was awful. I was 15 so I got into an argument with the nurse who tried to make me clean cat puke and I told her I’m not 16 yet so can’t handle biological waste and she wasn’t happy. I made lots of tea, cleaned a load of cat shit, made lots of tea and hoovered, groomed the two cats who were boarding (that was fun except I had to use talc for their long fur, they kept winding around my legs and it was a mess). Also had to watch an operation where a big lad called Tyson, a 50kg (!!!) dog had an arse abscess removed and the smell was excruciating. I had to walk him too and he was barely lighter than me and it was a challenge. I also saw a 15yo dog get put down, what upset me wasn’t the dog (very old, had cancer) but the woman, she was sobbing hysterically. I decided that being a vet just wasn’t for me and don’t regret it


Same, even got to the stage of prepping for graduate medicine but didn’t bother at the end because I’m sensitive to smells and I can’t watch insicions being made, makes my skin crawl

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I wanted to work at jurassic Park with my hero


Oops repeated tea twice. But them at the vets went through about 30 cups a day between a team of about 4

I wanted to be an actor.


Fighter jet pilot, until I realised it would involve being in the military and killing people.

My mum swears that I wanted to be a priest for a while. I don’t remember that but I can believe it - seems like a nice quiet life.

After that, “scientist”, but I tried that and it turns out it’s actually shite so instead I pursued the dream profession that I’m in now because I’m not qualified to do anything else


Palaeontologist. Up until I realised that you didn’t spend all your time digging up dinosaur fossils and drawing pictures of dinosaurs.


i wanted to be a train driver because i was obsessed with thomas the tank engine. was probably too young to factor in the unsociable hours, bureaucracy of private rail and the impending threat of driverless trains.

twenty eight i was etc.

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This was me too. Basically bought into the idea that Jurassic Park was a documentary of sorts and that I’d be constantly hanging about with dinosaurs and terrifying kids I didn’t like with raptor claws.

Still think I’d make a pretty good Alan Grant given the chance mind.


I always wanted to be a carpenter. But the guy that was helping us to renovate our house told me that when I grew up, it would all be done by robots.

Broke me little heart.


just wanted to be a footballer, tbh

or an artist

but never had any actual guidance about that, apart from my mum encouraging me to draw and etc

also I was pretty asthmatic as a kid, so footy was difficult from a fitness persective

idk. pretty sad that I never had any proper guidance, really.

obvs I don’t hold that against my mum at all, was nice just to be happy/loved/nurtured in less pushy ways.

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having a sheepdog would be a dream job

got a pat and a ruffle scheduled for 10:30, will have to skip brunch I’m afraid