when you were at school

if someone did something naughty, did you say ‘arr-muurrrrrr’

I don’t know how to type this

  • yes everyone did this when someone did something naughty
  • what are you on about jook

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maybe this is what it started as and we just gave it an extra local flourish at the end

that’s good enough for me

think i need to change the poll

  • yes we said that
  • we said something similar and nonsensical
  • shut the fuck up jook, cunt

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Did everyone have a special bell sound for wet break?

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what break?

Wet break

what’s that it sounds weird

we’re going home (shh, shh)

If it was raining the bell would ring thrice, meaning you could stay inside for break and fuck about in your classroom.

Does sound weird. Asked my wife just now and she said they called them that too.

And then said “why are you typing on your laptop and laughing, you’re so weird”


People used to do a dismissive noise quietly when someone else was talking. It was like a high pitched ruuuuuuuuu sound. There was no comeback from it either, didn’t matter, if someone did it you were finished

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Will have to ask my four year old if this is still a thing.

Also ‘mitchin’ was local slang for skiving. Never heard it anywhere since the age of 16.



Yep - must be a southern east midlands thing


We had to go and stand in the hall. And then the headmaster came in, pointed at me and shouted TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN BOY! and then NOT WITH YOUR THUMBS! I’M GOING TO STAND HERE NOW AND WATCH YOU TUCK YOUR SHIRT IN.


This was in primary school but also some dumb rhyme that went “im telling, youre smelling, you went to batmans wedding”


This is close to our noise (in Plymouth). Was more like ummmmmmerrrrrrr

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My noise was in Plymouth - which school(s) did you go to?

I was Hooe Primary and Plymstock Comp

very much in use in Ireland, that

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Plaistow Hill Infants, St Budeaux Foundation and then Devonport High. We said ‘mitching’ as well! And knocking on someone else’s door and running away was called ‘cherryknocking’, which no one else seems to say.

Do they not? Thought cherry-knocking was widely accepted. Has to be said, I haven’t had much cause to discuss it in the last 18 years so haven’t done a full survey.